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Texas Emergency Crisis Response Team 501 (c)3
Top Reasons when to contact Chaplain at the Texas Emergency Response Team
  • Fired from Employment
  • Family Violence
  • Accused of …..
  • Under Internal Investigation 
  • Death in Family 
  • Job Stress
  • Informed Spouse is Cheating 
  • Informed of Terminal Illness
  • Your Child is not your DNA
  • Unrecoverable Injury
  • Spiritual Dilemma
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Divorce 
  • When Your Life Doesn’t Matter
  • Witnessing a Traumatic Event
  • Substance Abuse Addiction 
  • Financial Bind
  • Dealing with a Family Member who has Mental Illness 
  • Military Spouse returns from Deployment 
If you need Help or would like the Opportunity to be trained as a Crisis Response Peer Support Staff Member or have a Calling to become a Christian Chaplain just reach out by calling 469 222-8740 or Email
A National Crisis 

Become a Partner and Help in this Battle

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