Dear Brother or Sister in Yeshua Hamaschia (Jesus Christ):
You have been delivered. Now we ask you to carefully read the enclosed pages. They will explain why you and many born again believers have been living defeated Christian lives. The short answer is you were never taught any better. The definitive answer is more revealing and should play a large part in your future well being.
Many years have gone by in order to put the material I use together. It has been tried and proven many times. Yeshua Hamaschia himself said, “you will know the truth and truth will make you free.”
I pray that you will, in His name enjoy your new found freedom.
Reverend Brian E. Velez
Ministry of Deliverance
Disclaimer: For legal reasons, we make no promises or claims outside the boundaries of the scriptures.
Why do we need deliverance? Deliverance from what? Did not Hamaschia’s (Christ) work on the stake take care of all of our needs? NO, IT DID NOT! It took care of all of the needs of your inner-man, but none of the needs of your outer-man.
Now, during the first dispensation, He did take care all of their needs because they could not do it for themselves. But with the coming of Hamaschia, and the Set Apart Spirit (Holy Spirit), He gave us the authority and the ability to do it for ourselves.
Paul says, the outer-man perishes while the inner-man prospers. (II Corinthians 4).
The Scriptures say, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” The question then becomes, “What knowledge” is Yahweh (God) referring to that would keep us from perishing if we had it?
In a nutshell, when man fell into sin, his outer-man was contaminated with corruption and it remains corrupted after the born again experience. (Genesis 11 & 12). It was so obvious that it puzzles me how the congregation leadership over-looked it and played right into the hands of Lucifer.
Most Christians believe that once they are saved, that every thing will be okay and that their lives will run smoothly. The truth is that the battle between the inner and outer-man is just beginning.
Spiritual warfare and prayer go together like biscuits and gravy. There are few Christians who are aware of this. One without the other will get you nowhere. You can not enjoy a successful Christian walk without the integrated use of both prayer and warfare. You pray to Yahweh; you do battle with the enemy. If you do not do battle with the enemy, you are a vulnerable target for him. He will attack you, your spouse, and your children. He will cause you constant attack and you will probably will not even be aware of where it is coming from. Many Christians simply assume that it is just part of life and some even will go so far to blame it on bad luck.
The principal reasons why Yeshua died for us was to set us free from the “Law of Sin and Death” and to gain the legal right to forgive us of the sin that man has been tricked into in the garden. He accomplished both of these goals, but his death did not set us free from the results of sin or the wages of sin which is premature death. (Romans 6:23 and II Peter 2:15).
IT IS not only about what Yahweh has done for us, it also has to do with what Lucifer has done to us.
Again, I repeat: Yeshua’s work on the stake did not set you free from the results of sin and you are still being held accountable for all the sin that was even credited to your account.
Yes, your sin is under the Blood of the Lamb and Yes, you have been born again, but at the same time, Lucifer has a legal right to hold you accountable for it. He can not stop you from receiving your eternal reward, but if you pose any threat to him, he can make your life on earth a living hell unless you know how to prevent him from doing so. Remember, you were born in sin and Lucifer had you unto himself at first and he took advantage of it.
Paul told the congregation at Corinth, “let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of the flesh and spirit, perfecting set-apartness in the fear of Elohim.” That is why you are begin the cleansing process. Yes, deliverance is a process and it has already begun in each of you by virtue of the fact that you made an effort to be here today.
NOW to understand why man must be delivered from sin and the results of sin, you must understand the concept of the inner and outward manman.
Man is constructed of two separate men: The inner man and the outward man. Paul wrote in II Corinthians “But though our outward man is consumed, yet our inward man is renewed day by day.” The sin that Lucifer is holding you accountable for is in the outer-man, only.
Now, when the Set Apart Spirit comes into the human spirit and the two spirits become ONE..a spiritual phenomenon takes place and the human spirit is regenerated. When this occurs, two thing take place:
FIRST, your sin is washed away by the blood of the lamb.
SECOND, where you will spend eternity is established right then and there. But that is all that happens…
SALVATION, REGENERATION, being born again, or whatever you wish to call it, is a matter dealing only with the human spirit or inner-man.
THE TRUTH IS THAT Yeshua actually TRANSFERRED ALL RESPONSIBILITY of your outer-man back to you in Luke 10:19 “I give unto you POWER to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you”.
AGAIN, Whatever condition the outer-man was in prior to the “born again” experience, he remains in after the born again experience. Cancer before, cancer after, etc.
Now, if none of the above is true, if it is an over-simplification of what is wrong with the congregation today, then what is wrong? Paul said that Hamaschia is coming back for a congregation that is without spot or wrinkle. Does this describe today’s congregation with pastors all over the landscape falling into sexual sin? How about believers in the congregation today that practice homosexuality in their marriages disguised as “oral sex”? And have you noticed lately that the divorce rate is as high in the congregation as it is among the unsaved? It seems to me that the congregation is covered with spots and wrinkles, therefore it stands to reason that they must be removed before Yeshua can come for his bride.
Here are some statistics: A 1996 Promise Keepers at one of their stadium events revealed that over 50% of the men in attendance were involved with pornography. 57% of pastors say that addiction to pornography is the most sexually damaging issue to their congregation (Christians and Sex Leadership Journal Survey, March 2005). In 2014, a study by Proven Men Ministries
A survey conducted with 1,000 people and found that 64% viewed pornography at least monthly ( In 2004, there were just over one million abortions in the U.S. 18% of these were received by those who identified themselves as born-again Christians.
Why is this taking place? It is because the pastors of today have rejected the deliverance ministry that Yeshua Hamaschia introduced to the congregation some 2000 years ago and was intended to deal with such matters. I believe they will be held accountable for the unintended consequences. 
This leads us to another serious problem. Congregations all over this continent are assigned high priests (evil spirits) to rule over them. They in turn select witches and warlocks from local covens to infiltrate local congregations, and of course, these servants of satan mingle with the congregation and fit right in. They are hardly ever recognized and they cause nothing but trouble. They cause the congregation that they are assigned to become spiritually sterile and insignificant. Again, I want to point out the seriousness of this problem and because the congregation has ignored the deliverance ministry, the problem goes unchecked.
To clean up the outer-man of all evil spirits, contamination, strongholds, and bondages, you must go through the process known as DELIVERANCE which will begin here today and actually culminate in the second coming of Yeshua Hamaschia. Yes, it is deliverance that will be used to remove the spots and wrinkles from the Body of Hamaschia.
Forgiveness Process
The Scriptures says, If you do not forgive those who have sinned against you, I will not forgive you. (See Matthew 6:14-15). __________________________________________________________________________
It is my will that I be forgiven for any and everything that I have ever done to grieve the Set Apart Spirit.
It is my will that all be forgiven who have wronged me and at the same time, I hold them accountable to Yahweh for their wrong doings.
It is my will that Lucifer, Satan, and the Serpent, and every evil spirit on earth be forgiven for what they have done to mankind, but I also hold them accountable to Yahweh for their wrongdoings.
NOTE: If you do not hold those who have wronged you accountable for their wrong doings, then Yahweh can not deal with them and the forces of evil win. (You should hold them accountable for your own good.)
You are not holding them accountable to get even with them. You are holding them accountable for their own good.
If you inquired in advanced about the cost of this service, you were told there is no charge and the matter was dropped without further ado.
The reason for our attitude towards money when the subject is mentioned prior or following deliverance is simply this:
FIRST: There are those who simply can not afford to pay for help.
SECOND: Any effort to separate those who can, from those who can not would be counterproductive.
THIRD: It would be highly improper to actually charge for that which Yeshua instructed to “give freely.” (Matthew 10:8)
FOURTH: We are turned off by those who beg for money as you probably are, and we will have no part of it.
FIFTH: However, consider this, where you pay your tithes is where you get your spiritual protection. See Genesis 14:18-20 where Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek. Why?
Aside from this, we are a faith ministry with no outside source of income, and of course, we gladly accept love offerings from those who feel led by Yahweh to make them.
ONE LAST THING: There are two ways the forces of evil are directly attacking marriages and families today.
1) Role Reversal
2) Oral Sex (Occult Sex)
If you continue to have problems, or if they arise down the road, you will want to look for the reason. Remember! Lucifer must have a legal right to attack you. Refer to this list first, then call me if you need help.
TROUBLESHOOTING-Process of Elimination
1) Sin and Transgressions
2) Not paying tithes (ought against Yahweh) Malachi 3:8-11
3) Out of Bound Sex (Oral and Anal Sex)
4) Role Reversal between husband and wife
5) Unforgiveness
6) Lying/Exaggerating
7) Not keeping promises
8) Sin of Omission
9) Sin of Commission
10) Fear
11) Occult or pornographic material in your possession
12) Member of the Masons or any other secret society.
13) Wearing Jewelry-Refer to Genesis 35:4, Hosea 2:13 and 1 Timothy 2:9
14) Corrupt communication-Ephesians 4:29-32
15) Being out of your spiritual covering.
Reverend Brian E. Velez
Ministry of Deliverance
(304) 844-1867