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This is a Ministry of Christians working together as individuals and, or groups to intercede in continuous prayer for others in the presence of God and ask for His help.  There are situations that need the urgent attention of heaven to save people from unnecessary suffering. Through the ministry of intercession, one participates actively in the redemption of the world, in seeking the lost sheep of the Master.  A single person who opts to be an intercessor can make a great difference.  "The prayers of a righteous man has great power in its effects" (James 5:16)  Evangelists preaching and teaching the Word of God may plant a seed in resisting lost souls but without constant intercessions on their behalf, they may remain lost.    
Christians communicate with God through prayer.  Many are intercessors and don't even know they are.  The Ministry of Intercession is a special calling. It is not an official appointed position by a church.  They are Christians who are dedicated disciples who have unquestionable faith.  They humbly walk with God daily in prayer seeking direction, seeing lost souls with empathy and without judgment.  They Naturally display kindness, selfishness and mercy.  An intercessor sacrifices their time and energy praying for specific needs of others.  Intercessors tend to see the world through the eyes of God, and not as the world sees itself (Romans 12:2)
To solicit the mercy of Our Lord to intervene against the anarchy of the world that combats His Kingdom, whether it's the evil that men do or spiritual attacks from the prince of darkness.  We pray for special needs and specific situations causing turmoil​ (Psalm 144:1-2, Psalm 145 :20)
Examples include when members of a congregation that seek to destroy a church instead of unifying it,  for governments, groups and or individuals wanting to destroy those who worship Christ, for rebellion and disobedience of those who accepted Christ as their savior, for those who choose to be enslaved to their addictions, perversions, anger and hate, for the lost souls who refuse to believe in the Good News,  for physical protection of the peace makers, for healing of the sick and suffering, for deliverance of the righteous servants of God under spiritual attack. 
You can send a prayer request by email to or hit the link at the bottom of the page
Jesus said to them:
"You shall love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind" Matthew 22:37

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