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Texas Emergency Crisis Response Team 501 (c)3
Our mission is to train and provide crisis support services for local agencies and individuals in the State of Texas. This service is provided by trained Individual Emergency Crisis Peer Support Staff and Chaplains in their particular field (e.g. Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Military/Veteran Hospitals, Corporations and Social Service Fields.
Chaplaincy Services Include:
Delivery of Death Notices, Conducting Funeral Services, Hospice Support, Disaster Victim Support, Crime Victim Support, Support for a Non-Family Abduction or Lost Persons, Emergency Crisis Support for First Responders,   Search & Rescue incidents,  Suicide, Homeless Person Outreach, Working with the Mentally Ill (PTSD, Etc), Spiritual Support, Counseling, and Prison Ministry 
Top Reasons When Peer Support is Needed
  • Fired from Employment
  • Family Violence
  • Accused of …..
  • Under Internal Investigation 
  • Death in Family 
  • Job Stress
  • Informed Spouse is Cheating 
  • Informed of Terminal Illness
  • Your Child is not your DNA
  • Unrecoverable Injury
  • Spiritual Dilemma
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Divorce 
  • When Your Life Doesn’t Matter
  • Witnessing a Traumatic Event
  • Substance Abuse Addiction 
  • Financial Bind
  • Dealing with a Family Member who has Mental Illness 
  • Military Spouse returns from Deployment 
If you need Help or would like the Opportunity to be trained as a Crisis Response Peer Support Staff Member or have a Calling to become a Christian Chaplain just reach out by calling 469 222-8740 or Email
A National Crisis 

Become a Partner and Help in this Battle

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