Peer Support Ministry Group

This Peer Support Group of volunteers offer and share God's hope among their peers during a Crisis Situation.

The groups individual goal is to help provide emotional and spiritual care to peers during a life changing event, situation or tragedy.
This one on one peer support is confidential and private.  
The Primary focus is serving First Responders, Law Enforcement, Active Military, Veterans and their families. 
Today First Responder, Law Enforcement, and Active Military may be more stressed than ever before, due in part to the negative scrutiny from social media, politicians and special interest groups.  Many lose faith when negative unjust consequences come from the administration and or their social environmental.  If they have personally fallen into a grey area and are ashamed,  they may feel there is no way out of the situation! If this stress is allowed to fester unabated bad things happen: suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, anger, burn-out, depression, misconduct, family violence or harm to others.
Many times a peer who they can trust, knowing what they might be going through, can make a difference in sharing hope if directed correctly.  Thanks be to Our God.
The WSCNetwork will be offering the Billy Graham 10 hr Training "Sharing HOPE in CRISIS" in a local small group setting. 
The subject matter of this seminar will include a Biblical view of suffering, Effects of Trauma, Places of Grief, Listening Skills, Ministry of Hope, and What to say and what not to say 
Information Flyer 
A National Crisis 
If you are interested in participating, please email us at contact@wscnetwork.org

Become a Partner and Help in this Battle